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June 19, 2011
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Armadark Species Ref by CrossHound213 Armadark Species Ref by CrossHound213
First of all HAPPY FATHERíS DAY!!!!

Second of all--DOWNLOAD FOR FULL VIEW <3

Aaaaaand... hereís a few random facts about this species:

Random Fact #1--If you focus on only their heads, theyíre really cute <3
Random Fact #2--My Daddy came up with the name, and itís Fatherís Day, so I kept it (even though I donít think I added any Aardvark?)
Random Fact #3--Drew this during a break from writing Thank You Notes for the folks who sent me money for graduation
Random Fact #4--I LOVE MIXING RANDOM CREATURES (this oneís a Mole/Armadillo/Dragon/Rat creature <3 lol)
Random Fact #5--I was originally going to call these guys ďArmadiggers.Ē Which do you like better? Armadarks or Armadiggers? lol

Now onto the real facts...

Species Name: Armadark (plural--Armadarks)
Latin Name: Scalopus Xenarthra
Lifespan: 150--200 years (for females, childbearing years are from age 30 to age 100)
Size: Males--7í to 9Ď Females--6í
Weight: Males--450 to 500 lbs Females--300 to 350 lbs.
Common Colors: Mostly browns and grays, though they can come in any natural color and any natural pattern. All have pink skin, which is easily burned by the sun. Eyes can be any color, but never have a pupil.
Physical Characteristics: Large, bat-like ears that hear extremely well; large, blind eyes; sensitive whiskers that help them feel their surroundings; flexible but strong armor plating on back, face, neck, tail, and fronts of legs; giant, mole-like front paws with three blunt-clawed toes and a dewclaw on the inside of each (front) leg; long fur on throat and belly; slender back legs and small, four-toed paws; skinny tail
General Personality: Though it is different for each Armadark, most are shy of any creature other than other Armadarks. They will leave you alone so long as you donít threaten them or their young. When angered, they are a force to be reckoned with, as they are larger than most things and very muscular, with powerful forelegs. Quiet and efficient, at one with the earth around them. Friendly with others of their kind. Gentle with young and elders. Respectful of each other. (canít think of any more XD)
Habitat: Underground, caves, generally anywhere they can burrow and stay out of the sunlight--it hurts their sensitive skin and eyes.
Eyesight: None--theyíre blind
Sense of Smell: Very good--able to smell a worm or grub (their prey) from about a mile away
Hearing: Extremely good--can hear vibrations, sound waves, and different pitches and frequencies from several miles away
Weapons/Abilities: Small but sharp teeth, powerful, muscular forelegs with blunt but deadly claws, sharp back claws, powerful tail. Can roll into a ball to defend itself, and use a spinning attack (kinda like Donphan off of Pokemon XD lol) where it rolls into its defensive ball and rolls forward at a very fast speed, taking out anything in its way. Is a very good burrower and digger.
Family Ties: Armadarks form family groups made up of elders, adults, and young. They are generally all connected by blood, though there are a few instances of loners banding together to form a ďfamilyĒ group. Food is brought by the adults to those who canít catch their own (such as the elders and the young). The young are taught by the elders, and the elders are cared for by the young in return. If one of the females in the family group finds a mate in a different group, she generally goes to join his group, though in rare occasions (like if the femaleís group is lacking a leader) the male joins the femaleís group. Once they have found a mate, they generally stay with that family group until they die. Sometimes, family groups will carve out their own burrows and stake territory for themselves. Other times, they will continuously travel around, making homes where they can and always searching for food. Armadarks mate for life, and can have up to 35 litters in their lifespan (one litter every two years) and can have up to 7 baby Armadarks in each litter. Not all make it to adulthood.
Natural Predators: Dragons will kill and eat them if they come above ground. Otherwise, they have no real predators.
Prey: They mostly eat bugs--grubs and worms, with the occasional cricket and grasshopper. They will eat berries and roots to fill out their diet, and sometimes fish. Only rarely do they eat meat.


WHEW! That took a lot of effort... and I still donít think Iím done. I will continue to add stuff as I come up with it XD lol

Did the main pic traditionally with my Prismacolor markers <3 the rest I did in Photoshop Elements 8.0 <3

Iím actually doing this for *AlieTheKitsuneís contest [link] but if it doesnít win, Iím making this my species XD even if it does win, Iím still making one for myself <3 I already have a plan in my mind for her (yes, it will be a her) so it oughta be fun to draw her <3 youíll probly see a pic of her soon.

It was kinda funny... my parents kept up a running commentary as I was doing this... my dad is into sci-fi fantasy stuff, so this was right up his alley <3 and my mom just likes to look at anything I draw, lol XD she was like, ďHuh... itís kinda cute. In a weird way.Ē And when I said I couldnít decide what to name it (at that point, I had Armadiggers, Armamoles, and Moledillos down as possible names), my dad was all, ďName them Armadarks.Ē And even though i donít remember putting anything about an Aardvark in there, I liked how the names sounded, and itís FATHERíS DAY, so I kept the name <3 my Daddyís so weird.

Time it took: About 2 hours, give or take a bit <3

If you read all of this, you get a cookie :love:

Species (c) to :iconcrosshound213:
Art by me <3
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So Cute *w* great gob im also in the contest ^^ hehe i think you will win mine isnt quite a umm monster ^^;
CrossHound213 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011  Student General Artist
Thank you <3 I think they're cute too! ...not really a scary monster, but oh well :3 I put a lot of thought into them <3

Good luck <3
you as well =3
Galeking Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011   General Artist
I read it all! Me wants ma cookie! :) I think the name Armadark would also relate to the fact that they like to stay in the dark all the time.
CrossHound213 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Student General Artist
That's what my dad said XD about the dark thing <3 lol


Galeking Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011   General Artist
OMG THAT'S THE BEST COOKIE EVAR!! :iconcookienomplz: SO HUGE AND AWESOME!! :icondummydanceplz:
lol caps lock is fun... :D
CrossHound213 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011  Student General Artist

and yes. Cookie monster approves.

:iconcookiemonsterplz::iconsaysplz:COOKIE COOKIE COOKIE <3
GREENMONKEYDUMP Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2011
Wow, I really like your artwork!! I believe you would be perfect for this new Pokemon community forum called Abundant Shrine! Register here, and then you can access the forum and talk to our very friendly members.
There is an art section, too!
CrossHound213 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Student General Artist
Thank you! What's Abundant Shrine about? It looks interesting <3 yaaaay art :love:
GREENMONKEYDUMP Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011
It is a Pokemon website for the most part. There is a writing section, a forum "game" section, and an art section. We have a VG part, TCG part, and some other stuff. We also have a PokeMart, where you can spend your "PokeDollars", and we may get an arcade soon.
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